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Japan Boats - Serving all your boating needs for less in ENGLISH from Japan. Welcome to the Japan Boats Website.
We provide all types of boats to customers wishing to purchase a boat. We export boats from Japan from 112 official used boat suppliers and supply Expats with quality craft. If you see something you like or are searching for a boat privately please feel free to see how we can save you money on your boat purchase.

For New Japanese Boat Parts we can source from manufacturers exactly what you are looking for and ship directly to you or your business.

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  • The purchased boat must be made as small as possible by removing such things as engines, beams and electronics. These can be stored in the boat and later replaced.
  • The Boat must have a trailer or a cradle in order to be taken to the port by truck.

- Boats with a trailer may have a more expensive freight cost as their length and height increases greatly, however the cost of moving the boat to the port of departure and from the port of arrival may decrease. 

- Boats being moved by cradle will incur the cost of a cradle that may need to be bought or custom made, and also the cost of trucking to and from ports.

  • The Boat may have to be lifted on to the truck by crane for transportation to the port of departure which may incur fees.
  • Timing of the vessels arrival at the port of departure must be parallel to that of the departure date of the freighter or as close as possible; otherwise there will most probably be port storage fees.
  • The boat must pass port clearance. At this time the boat will be deregistered and checked to make sure that it abides by the export guidelines. Ex: sonar certified.
  • Boat must be lifted from the wharf to the container, roofless container or flat bed on the freighter unless it can be rolled on, on its trailer.

- If the boat is within the measurements making 1479 cubic feet for a 20ft container (or 3686 for a 40ft container) it will be considerably cheaper than a flat bed or roofless container.

- A roofless container is used when the top of the boat would protrude from a container, and so it takes up its container space and the one above it making it double the shipping cost.

- A flat bed is used when other dimensions of the boat such as the stern, bow or sides would protrude from a container, and so it is put on a tray. A flat bed may have front and back walls if the stern or and bow are within measurement. This will incur extra cost depending on its placement within the freighter and the extra cubic area outside the usual container measurements.

- Boats on a trailer that can be rolled on and off a freighter that usually deals only with such products, like cars can be charged freight by each cubic metre. Placement on these types of freighters can take up to 3 months, which may cause problems or incur port storage fees.

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If you have decided on a boat please contact us to secure your boat by making a deposit.
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