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Japan Boats - Serving all your boating needs for less in ENGLISH from Japan. Welcome to the Japan Boats Website.
We provide all types of boats to customers wishing to purchase a boat. We export boats from Japan from 112 official used boat suppliers and supply Expats with quality craft. If you see something you like or are searching for a boat privately please feel free to see how we can save you money on your boat purchase.

For New Japanese Boat Parts we can source from manufacturers exactly what you are looking for and ship directly to you or your business.

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VAT rates for Europe

Standard VAT rates for EU

(Duty in EU is flat for boats at 1.7%)

 Belgium 21%
Cyprus 15%
Czech Republic 19%
Denmark 25%
Finland 22%
France 19.6%
Germany 16%
Greece 18%
Hungary 25%
Ireland 21%
Latvia 18%
Lithuania 18%
Luxemburg 15%
Malta 18%
Monaco 19.6%
Netherlands 17.5%
Norway 23%
Poland 22%
Portugal 18% (Azores 13%)
Slovakia 23%
Spain 16%
U.K. 17.5%

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If you have decided on a boat please contact us to secure your boat by making a deposit.
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